The "Aqueciliz" has to offer its customers the best solutions available in the various areas in which it works.

The Central Heating is a form of home heating better known in the Portuguese market. In its simplest form consists of a boiler wall, a network of water pipes of copper or multilayer and radiator elements grouped to form batteries. 

The operation of the heating system radiators is simple, the principle of natural convection. Ambient air (eg. -18 ° C), colder than the radiator (eg 70 ° C) is heated by contact with the cooler, reducing its density, and naturally rising. Continuously colder air "enter" below the radiator and is naturally heated by the radiator. 

However in more complex installations, central heating systems can be divided by several circuits, each with its circulation pump, controlled by independent thermostats, may be possible to control the temperature and hours of operation zones independently. 

Furthermore exist in the market wireless controllers, or even controllers that can be connected to the telephone system for the remote control of heating systems. 

The production of thermal energy for heating the circulating water may be done in many different ways: 

- Gas Boiler 
- Diesel Boiler 
- Boiler Burning 
- Biomass Boiler 

Directly associated with the production of hot water supply, the same boiler is normally used for both functions. 

The use of heat pumps and solar systems is these systems do not recommend the use of lower temperatures so they do not favor natural convection of air in the radiator.
The Aqueciliz has technical ability and means to scale, perform, and license any air network of industrial, laboratory or medical application. 

Have solutions with lubricated compressors, oil-free, filters, dryers, oil / water separators, electronic traps, terminal equipment regulation, lubrication, taken fast, modular systems terminals.
The air conditioning systems, a simplified and generalized form are composed of two main components, the condenser and the evaporator. The condenser in domestic applications in question is in an outdoor unit together with the compressor and control systems. The evaporator is in place we intend to acclimate. 

The outdoor unit is similar in appearance in all brands, however there are many types of indoor units adapted to all needs. In addition, the various brands on the market have models for every taste. 

The main types of indoor units are: 

- Murals - the most recognized by all units, wall mount 
- Consoles floor - wall mount at ground level 
- Consoles ceiling - Ceiling mounting in sight - to places without false ceiling 
- Cassettes - to places with false ceiling, is just visible decorative panel 
- Pipeline - to places with false ceiling, air distribution is made by ducts with grilles or diffusers. There are grills on the market and diffusers of various shapes and with different functions. 

The air conditioning systems allow you to make heating and cooling, and since its operation is based on a thermodynamic system, one can obtain values ​​of EER / COP (Energy Efficiency Ratio / Coefficient of Performance) of the order of 3.6 (class A), some equipment can get higher values. 

This means that for each value 1kW of electricity is possible to obtain 3.6 kW of heat energy. The energy advantage is obvious. 

The new systems like Reverse still bring great benefit by reduced consumption of electricity, avoiding unnecessary starts and stops the compressor.
The area of HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning), is the most comprehensive services in the area by Aqueciliz SA. 

We will try to make a short explanation of each of the currently available solutions in the market, and however difficult to make a separation in some solutions for their close connection. 

However we advise our customers to contact our technicians so we can perform a needs assessment and submit a proposal tailored to each client. 

There are commercial terminology used by some manufacturers who are not the most technically correct, may lead customers less informed to some confusion, however to facilitate our customers leave a link where you can see some of the terminology used in this industry.
The Radiant Floor is similar to the central heating system with two major differences that translate into big benefits. The most important differences are that operate at a lower temperature, which results in a higher yield, the other big difference is that the heat is distributed over the space to acclimate, which results in a sense of comfort far above the central heating systems traditional. 

By using lower temperatures, these systems can be used as a source of heat energy of the circulating water in addition to the boilers used for heating as well, the following sources: 

- Heat Pumps 
- Solar Thermal 
- Condensing Boilers 
- Geothermal Heat Pumps 

In the early days of underfloor heating systems too high temperatures were associated with vascular diseases were used. However, these days, the temperatures used near 38 ° C, are perfectly safe, this being the temperature of the human body. Also installed are always limiting temperature systems to protect users and equipment. 

You can also use the radiant floor cooling, however the limitations arising from the possibility of condensation does not allow it to be a satisfactory system. To overcome this inconvenience has some manufacturers of equipment for HVAC Chilled Ceiling type.
The Home Automation is a recent technology that enables resource management of a dwelling. Allows for a much more complete control when desired. 

You can go from a simple on / off lighting at a certain time until the control of the HVAC system for a web page being out of the housing. 

You can connect the lighting system intrusion detection system for fires, air conditioning, central heating, pool heating, irrigation systems, surround sound, shutters, etc.., Etc. .. 

These types of systems are used for several years in large buildings such as centralized and systematic control of all systems in order to minimize energy consumption. The objective in housing is the same. 

Please contact our technical department for more information.
As a complement to all mechanical equipment, perform our own electrical installations, from control systems to power systems.
Perform in addition to networks of all hydraulic HVAC building networks, Supply, Drainage and Gas 

Perform pumping systems supply and drainage, with the possibility of running pre-made wells. 

Other equipment which usually provide the building facilities undergo hydrocarbon separators, separators and fat deposits for supplies.
Our services also include the implementation of networks of armed fighting fire or drought.

From simple networks reels, nets, sprinklers, fire pumping systems, installation of tanks reserves, construction of reservoirs to gas extinguishing systems in locations where it is not possible quenching (eg IT systems). 

We still available extinguishing systems for industrial kitchens. 

Contact us for more information.
We perform any pumping system, or for industrial buildings for any type of fluid. 

In addition we run networks of piping and equipment for any industrial process.
There are on the market numerous types of water treatment systems for various applications. The Aqueciliz can supply and install the system for appropriate treatment to each particular situation, namely: 

- Treatment Systems for Pools 
- Treatment Systems for closed systems (boilers, industrial process, etc.) 
- Water Consumption (Control PH, adduction primary filtration, UV, descaling, etc.) 

Consult our technical department for your problem, we have the solution.
Solar energy is free, which is why it makes sense to take it beyond that Portugal is a country with greater sun exposure, where the average annual number of sunshine round the 2800 hours / year. 

In addition, Decree-Law 80/2006 (RCCTE) requires the installation of solar thermal collectors in new construction. 

The Aqueciliz have in their technical staff with accredited training in Design and Installation of Solar Thermal Systems. 

All solar systems should be supported by a system of thermal production using primary energy, since there are days when sun exposure is reduced. 

There are two main types Solar Thermal installations: 

Forced Circulation Systems: 

This is the most versatile system for a solar installation, and can be used in a single installation, or in a complex installation in addition to the radiant heating or even a sanitary water pool floor. 

The following image below exemplifies a solar thermal installation in forced circulation. 

The Thermosyphon Systems: 

This simplified form of operation using the density difference of the hot water (rising) to perform the recirculation. This system is limited to 2/3 of the solar collectors and accumulation tanks of 300 liters systems. For most situations may be enough, and the costs of installation and operation are much lower than forced circulation systems.

The term appeared in France and VMC means Controlled Mechanical Ventilation. 

This venting system consists of a central VMC (a fan) that performs the extraction of air through ducts in the wetlands of housing, toilets and kitchens, for depression, will air from outside in other divisions, living rooms and bedrooms. 

Air flow rates involved are quite low, which means for users who do not feel the movement of air thus ensuring comfort. 

There are in addition these grates hygroscopic plant, which according to the local humidity regulating the amount of air extracted. 

The market also offers central VMC double flow, allowing heat / cool the air coming from the outside, using the energy from the exhaust air. 


The VMC systems are technically simple ventilation systems, with only a trade name for a particular application. 

For more generalized applications are larger equipment that allow the movement of larger air flow. 

Terminal equipment (grills, diffusers and valves extraction) can be of various designs and sizes available in the market and can even be painted
  • Service and Preventive Maintenance

    For Aqueciliz SA work does not end with the completion of the work. 
    We have at your disposal to make technical Service and Preventive Maintenance. Our technicians with appropriate training in the HVAC regulations, will be able to accompany an installation of any size. 

    Contact our service department and see us.
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