The main objective of directors is to provide the market and in particular to our clients a degree of satisfaction that fulfills the expectations, needs and commitments with all stakeholders, in strict compliance with current legislation, in order to be a reference in electromechanical Installations and drain, reaching profitability and competitiveness and allow us continuous improvement.

To finish the mission, you bet on a quality policy through the following strategies:
  • Betting

    Betting on management by objectives, planning and dynamic control process performance and continuous improvement;

  • Identify

    Continuously identify the needs and expectations of customers by creating conditions to meet the same;

  • Evaluation

    Evaluate customer satisfaction and implement measures to improve their satisfaction;

  • Involve

    Involve all members of the organization in achieving our mission, policy, values ​​and goals, providing their qualifications and motivation;

  • Perform

    Perform our services in accordance with all statutory requirements in respect of our competitors and other elements that circulate on routes where we operate;


We believe that to achieve our mission and quality policy, we must work with honesty, humility, rigor, availability, creativity and dedication. We value the team spirit, the seriousness, dynamic and interest in improving our organization.

Management Policies
  • In order to fulfill our Mission, we are betting on a Management Policy with the following strategic guidelines:
  • To bet in the Management by objectives, in the Planning and the Dynamic Control of the Performance of the processes and in its Continuous Improvement;
  • Continuously identify the needs and expectations of Clients and other interested parties, creating conditions for meeting them;
  • Evaluate Customer Satisfaction and implement measures to Improve Satisfaction;
  • Identify, evaluate and control risks with the aim of eliminating or reducing the probability of occurrence of undesirable failures or situations;
  • Identify, evaluate and control opportunities that arise and can enhance the improvement of SIM Q;
  • Involve all elements of the Organization in the accomplishment of our Mission, Policy, Values ​​and Objectives, providing its Qualification and Motivation;
  • Carry out our services in accordance with all applicable legal provisions that apply to us, with respect for our competitors and other elements that circulate on the routes in which we are inserted.


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  • 2013


Also in 2013 we began to rely on own facilities which contains the warehouse and offices. 
This year will also be the year of consolidation of our presence in Angola. 

We started the market research in Mozambique and has also created AQUECILIZ Mozambique, for to support these efforts.