AQUECILIZ GROUP main goal is to provide the Market, and our clients especially, with a Satisfaction Level which meets all agreed propects, needs and commitments, aiming at the rigorous compliance with the current legislation, in order to become the benchmark concerning Electromechanical and Hydraulic Facilities: Gas Networks, Water Networks, Sewage Networks, FirePrevention Networks, HVAC Systems, RenewableEnergies; ConstructionIndustry; Maintenance and Technical Assistance in SpecialFacilities, achieving profitability and competitiveness indexes which allow a Continuous Improvement.

Management Policy
In order to deliver our Mission, we act according to a Management Policy with the following strategic guidelines:

  • Engaging a goal-defined management, an advanced planning and a dynamic control of the processes’ performance and its continuous improvement;
  • Continously identifying the needs and expectations of our clients, employees and other envolved parties, creating conditions to perform them effectively;
  • Evaluating our clients satisfaction levels and implementing measures to enhance them;
  • Involving all employees in order to accomplishour Mission, Policies, Values and Goals, by way of their participation and consultancy, providing them with qualification, motivation and satisfaction;
  • Ensuring healthy and safe workplace conditions, by way of ensuing legal and normative compliance obligations, eliminating hazards and mitigating risks for the security and health in the workplace, whilst having an ongoing mindset of continuous improvement;
  • Protecting the environment, including polution prevention and a sustainble use of resources, by way of ensuing legal and normative compliance obligations, in order to continuously improve our environmental performance;
  • Undertaking our services according to all current legislation dispositions, respecting our competing companies and the remaining elements who like wise follow the coursein which we are integrated.

Webelieve that in order to accomplishour Mission and Management Policy, it is essential that wework with Honesty, Humility, Rigor, Availability, Dedication and Creativity. We value Team Spirit, Seriousness, Dynamics and a concern with the Inovation and Improvement of our Organization.


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Also in 2013 we began to rely on own facilities which contains the warehouse and offices. 
This year will also be the year of consolidation of our presence in Angola. 

We started the market research in Mozambique and has also created AQUECILIZ Mozambique, for to support these efforts.